Why should I buy from Ragel Monument?

Ragel Monument is a locally owned and well-established business serving Southwest Kansas and neighboring states since 1979. We have the largest inventory of any supplier in the area, featuring the highest grade materials, making your selection easer and wider.

Is there an extra charge for lettering and designs on a memorial?

We do not charge for lettering or designs if you are purchasing the granite from us. Choose from our extensive design books or we can create a custom graphic design at no charge.

How long does it take from the time I place my order until it is completed at the cemetery?

After purchasing from our inventory and once the layout is approved, it will take approximately 30 days to complete the order. However, if you order a custom shape or color, it can take up to 120 days. The time in which it can take for the layout to be approved can vary. The weather can also play a factor in the time it can take to complete your order.

Why do I see memorials at the cemetery that have a no date of death?

These memorials are called pre-need memorials. They are purchased and placed in advance of death, sometimes many years before. One of the most important gifts you can provide for your loved ones is to plan ahead to alleviate stress at a time of grief. The price of buying a memorial today will also be protected by any cost increases in the future.

On a Pre-need monument, is the inscription of the death date included at the time of purchase?

At the time of purchase, it might be decades before the death date is needed. Because it is hard to keep records this long, there will be an additional charge for the added inscription at the time of death. Most funeral homes now include this in their Funeral Packages.

Are there any additional costs (other than the monument and taxes)?

The price of the granite foundations and setting fees are not included in the price of the monument. The pricing varies based on the size of the monument you choose. The foundation and setting fees are charged through the cemetery and passed along to the customer in the final price.

Do all cemeteries allow any type of memorial monument or marker?

All cemeteries have their own regulations regarding the size and type of memorial. We will work with you and the cemetery manager to determine which memorial monuments are suitable for the chosen cemetery and gravesite.

Is your granite quarried domestically?

We have several domestic suppliers who provide high quality, memorial-grade granite. Most colors that are available with imported granite can also be provided domestically. There are some variations in color because granite color varies across the world.