Creating your memorial can be a challenge with many types to choose from and not knowing where to start. We are able to provide you with the largest inventory in the area which can help make your decision easier. Our staff of memorial specialists can also guide you in making the best decision for your memorial.

Everything plays a role in how you or your loved one will be remembered, including color, size, shape, design and artwork. One of the factors in selecting the right memorial is having an understanding of the type of space available – or allowed – at the cemetery. Spaces can be limited horizontally, yet provide as much vertical space as the customer may want. Once it is determined how large the memorial will be, the next step is choosing the shape and color, and begin with a basic design.

We offer extensive design books to look through as a start to give you an idea of what you may want. If you have an idea you don’t see, our artists can draw it out for you to visualize.

Many people want their memorials to include special content such as Bible verses or meaningful art (Masonic or religious symbols, or even photographs). The larger your memorial is, the more room there is to include some of these as a way of remembering you or your loved one.

Once the idea is drawn on paper, it is then drafted on the computer and approved by the family before moving into production. Any requested changes can be made along the process before final production. Then, it is the job of our master craftsman to turn the words and images into a work of memorial art.

At the conclusion of the process, the monument is erected at the cemetery, a lasting and treasured memory to be regarded for centuries to come.